2 Kids Video Game Review: Jessie Smart Couture

With the PBSKids.org site we usually haunt down (turned out to be user error -oops), we looked for a new kid friendly puzzle game to play. We found the game site on Disney.com and the girls were excited to try a game based on their favorite Disney show, “Jessie, and wanted me to share on the blog how much they liked it.

“We play by putting clothes where the hangers are and what happens is when you make an outfit, well, if you have a shirt, shoes, and pants, what happens is it goes on Jessie!” –  Kaitlyn

jessie2-horzAs the girls were playing, they kept exclaiming over Jessie’s outfits: “oh, she looks BEAUTIFUL!””I love those shoes!”

OK, it’s super girly, and doesn’t seem to have too much going for it as far as educational value, but it really is a good puzzle game for kids, coming up with strategies for making sets.

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but when I played a quick game to grab some screen shots, I got a little hooked, and ended up playing 2 more games. On mute. Because the music is VERY annoying.

But the kids like it.


2 responses to “2 Kids Video Game Review: Jessie Smart Couture

  1. This is Katherine’s new favorite game to play.

  2. I actually love this game too, and I’m 39. Takes some strategy to get to the higher levels, reminds me a bit of Tetris 🙂

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