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My little artist with her piece on display at the Chesterfield Fine Arts Festival. She loved showing it off, and checking out her friends’ pieces there, too.



Kourey Tells About Easter

Kourey came home from school with six bright plastic eggs in a gold spray-painted half of an egg carton. She was so excited to tell me what the eggs were for that she couldn’t wait to get home, even though I had been warned about Egg 2 and told her to please not open the eggs in the car.

As soon as she got home, she gathered the family around her to tell about the eggs and the meanings of their contents. She was so excited that she asked to video the third telling. And here it is.

She shares a few different details each time, as she is truly sharing a story versus reciting a lesson, but there is simplicity in the story from these six.

Egg 1 – a flower, to remind us that God created every part of earth, and all the beauty.

Egg 2 – dirt, to represent how sin makes us dirty, and apart from God

Egg 3 – a cross, to show how Christ came to clean us from that sin by dying on the cross

Egg 4 – a rock, to symbolize the boulder rolled back from the tomb where Jesus was buried

Egg 5 – nothing, to illustrate how the tomb was not only open, but empty, because Christ is not dead; he arose

Egg 6 – a mirrored heart gem, to reflect the reason God would do all that – His precious love for me

Happy Easter from the Dohls.

2 Kids Video Game Review: Jessie Smart Couture

With the PBSKids.org site we usually haunt down (turned out to be user error -oops), we looked for a new kid friendly puzzle game to play. We found the game site on Disney.com and the girls were excited to try a game based on their favorite Disney show, “Jessie, and wanted me to share on the blog how much they liked it.

“We play by putting clothes where the hangers are and what happens is when you make an outfit, well, if you have a shirt, shoes, and pants, what happens is it goes on Jessie!” –  Kaitlyn Continue reading

Give Peas a Chance

Green Lennon says "give peas a chance"

Apropos of nothing (as is her modus operandi), Kourey asked me “Mom, why do we pray to God to eat peas?”

Caught off-guard (as is my general response), I intelligently said, “What?”

“You know, when ‘we pray the blessings and we pray for peas’,” she sang.

We talked about blessings, and meal blessings; we talked about peace (“It’s when there is no strife or struggles””What’s strife?””Um…struggles””It’s when there is no struggles or struggles?””Yeah””Hmm”) and peas. And I will never hear that song again without “We pray for peas” echoing Laura Story’s lyrics.

She Comes By It Naturally

Koureys1stMathTest2  “Mom, will you PLEASE give me a math test?!?!”

I more often get requests for painting, coloring, reading, computer and TV; this one was a new request. And Kourey made it with such imploring in her voice that I simply had to say yes.

Koureys1stMathTest4Koureys1stMathTest3I made an 8 question addition test, with a list of Continue reading

Let’s Go to the Hop! MPBC 2013 Father/Daughter Dance

FromAngela05Tonight the girls donned ruffle socks, high ponytails and poodle skirts, and Keith topped his white t-shirt and jeans with his letterman’s sweater and took his best two girls (after Mommy, of course) to the hop.

“Let’s Go to the Hop!” was the 1950s Sock Hop theme of this year’s Father/Daughter dance at church. Here are some more great pictures from the dance:

Continue reading

Father/Daughter Dance season is upon us….

fatherdaughterdance6There is something so special about a Father/Daughter Dance. Ever since the first one Kaitlyn was invited to as a Daisy Scout in Troop 3222, she has held this to be like the highest form of a Daddy/Daughter Date. And Kourey, seeing the specialness around it, couldn’t wait until it was her turn to go, too.

Last year Kaitlyn had Keith all to herself again for the annual Girl Scout Father/Daughter Dance, but had to share him with Kourey for the Beauty and the Beast Father/Daughter Dinner and Dance at church.

101_0037This year, Continue reading

Are These My Future Grandchildren?

clipboard2-horz-vertKourey has long told me (and anyone who would listen) of her detailed plans for the future. Living in Paris. With a job in fashion. And having 10 children – 4 girls, then 5 boys, then one more girl to be her baby.

Today Kourey told me that she was upping her desired kid count from 10 to 12, and she had names picked out. The girls would be named Merida, Ariel, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy.

Boys would be named after Star Wars and superheroes (specific names TBD).

When I was in high school I was dead set on the name Niamh Aisling for a daughter, and even before marriage I steadfastly held to my desire for a Ruth. Keith (still?) wanted to name his son Kermit. (I am not kidding) Clearly, names aren’t set until not only both parents agree but the birth certificate is filed.

That said, I promised to reminder her of this when she had children. Is lovingly embroidering a blanket for my dear grandson Obi Wan in my future?

An MLK Letterboxing Adventure at Pocahontas State Park

2013Blog-Letterboxing02A rare day – we were all four off! No school, no work. What should we do?

We’ve been working on Girl Scout Try-It’s and one that looked interesting was the Letterboxing Try-It.

If you’re not familiar with Letterboxing, maybe you’ve heard of Geocaching. It’s not the same, exactly, Continue reading

A Wedding in Lizard Land – Queen Kourey and the Lizard Man

After lunch on Sunday the girls were playing in the den while Keith, Auntie Kris and I lingered talking at the table.

Kaitlyn came in with a scrawled message on her dry erase board. She had an announcement. (Kourey followed close behind to make sure it was delivered correctly) We were being issued an invitation. We had questions about some of the edicts in the proclamation, but here is the invitation as it unfolded and was explained to us.

You are invited to the wedding of Kourey, the Queen of Lizard Land, to the lizard. All ladies should wear a dress that comes out like this [hands spread to indicate full skirt] and goes to the floor and bring a suitable prince. A suitable prince will be very handsome and good for dancing with. Or, if not very handsome, he can be okay looking and very good at dancing. If he is not good looking at all, he cannot come.

If you do not have a suitable prince, you can pick one. We will have suitable Continue reading