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2 Kids Video Game Review: Jessie Smart Couture

With the PBSKids.org site we usually haunt down (turned out to be user error -oops), we looked for a new kid friendly puzzle game to play. We found the game site on Disney.com and the girls were excited to try a game based on their favorite Disney show, “Jessie, and wanted me to share on the blog how much they liked it.

“We play by putting clothes where the hangers are and what happens is when you make an outfit, well, if you have a shirt, shoes, and pants, what happens is it goes on Jessie!” –  Kaitlyn Continue reading


Let’s Go to the Hop! MPBC 2013 Father/Daughter Dance

FromAngela05Tonight the girls donned ruffle socks, high ponytails and poodle skirts, and Keith topped his white t-shirt and jeans with his letterman’s sweater and took his best two girls (after Mommy, of course) to the hop.

“Let’s Go to the Hop!” was the 1950s Sock Hop theme of this year’s Father/Daughter dance at church. Here are some more great pictures from the dance:

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Father/Daughter Dance season is upon us….

fatherdaughterdance6There is something so special about a Father/Daughter Dance. Ever since the first one Kaitlyn was invited to as a Daisy Scout in Troop 3222, she has held this to be like the highest form of a Daddy/Daughter Date. And Kourey, seeing the specialness around it, couldn’t wait until it was her turn to go, too.

Last year Kaitlyn had Keith all to herself again for the annual Girl Scout Father/Daughter Dance, but had to share him with Kourey for the Beauty and the Beast Father/Daughter Dinner and Dance at church.

101_0037This year, Continue reading

An MLK Letterboxing Adventure at Pocahontas State Park

2013Blog-Letterboxing02A rare day – we were all four off! No school, no work. What should we do?

We’ve been working on Girl Scout Try-It’s and one that looked interesting was the Letterboxing Try-It.

If you’re not familiar with Letterboxing, maybe you’ve heard of Geocaching. It’s not the same, exactly, Continue reading

She Thinks She’s Cool

And who are we to argue?

And who are we to argue?

Her Promise, Her Faith | Making the World a Better Place

My Promise My Faith Brownie Award Pin; Girl Scouts Make the World a Better Place PatchKaitlyn has been working on the “My Promise, My Faith” award for Girl Scouts. It is about relating the lines of the Girl Scout Law to your faith.

In case you don’t have a Girl Scout, or were never a Girl Scout yourself, here is the law:

“I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout.”

Kaitlyn picked the line “Make the World a Better Place,” and related it to the parable of the Good Samaritan. She says a great way to make the world a better place is to help other people, even if they are not like you. I agree! Great thinking, Kaitlyn.

Another step Continue reading

A Wedding in Lizard Land – Queen Kourey and the Lizard Man

After lunch on Sunday the girls were playing in the den while Keith, Auntie Kris and I lingered talking at the table.

Kaitlyn came in with a scrawled message on her dry erase board. She had an announcement. (Kourey followed close behind to make sure it was delivered correctly) We were being issued an invitation. We had questions about some of the edicts in the proclamation, but here is the invitation as it unfolded and was explained to us.

You are invited to the wedding of Kourey, the Queen of Lizard Land, to the lizard. All ladies should wear a dress that comes out like this [hands spread to indicate full skirt] and goes to the floor and bring a suitable prince. A suitable prince will be very handsome and good for dancing with. Or, if not very handsome, he can be okay looking and very good at dancing. If he is not good looking at all, he cannot come.

If you do not have a suitable prince, you can pick one. We will have suitable Continue reading


Lunch with Daddy

Lunch with Daddy

Keith got to have lunch with Kaitlyn last week. Can you tell she is thrilled with her delivered lunch and company?

Keith took this picture, and sent it over with a story Kaitlyn told him:
“Just ate lunch with Kaitlyn. She said that Mr G told the boys that were buying lunch to line up first, then the girls who were buying lunch, followed by the boys who brought their lunch, and finally the girls who brought their lunch. Seeing Kaitlyn not in line, Mr G said all girls who are doing something else need to get in line. I guess he wasn’t figuring on her lunch being delivered!”

Kait and the God Rod Squad

Kaitlyn and the Sparks performing “Arise, My Love” with dow rods (“God rods”) led by Pastor Jeff Smith before the Passover Seder at Mount Pleasant.

Let’s unpack that.

Kaitlyn: My daughter. If you don’t know her, this blog is probably largely boring to you, because it’s all about our family.

Sparks: The K-2nd grade level of AWANA, a Bible club sort of program at our church (and many others worldwide). Kait is a Spark, Kourey is a Cubbie, and both of them look forward to this every Wednesday! They learn verse memorization, Bible stories, and have a focus on missions. When I was growing up we had Mission Friends and GAs; while this is different, if fills the same activity slot.

“Arise, My Love”: Ok, they aren’t singing. The song is by Newsong. The kids (and Jeff) are performing with the…

God Rods: This just means dramatic motion using dowel rods, specifically for God’s glory.

Jeff Smith: Our children’s pastor, also head of Salt and Light Ministries, and the choreographer of “Arise, My Love” (and many, many, MANY more dramas and “God Rod” pieces).

Passover Seder at Mount Pleasant: Mount Pleasant is our wonderful church family. We’d love to have you come visit! This week we had Karl de Souza from Jews for Jesus show us the elements of a Passover Seder, and it is amazing to see Christ in the Passover. I have read a few great books on this before, but it was no less amazing to see it unfold in the centuries old Passover meal served at MPBC.

Anyway, Kaitlyn had a fantastic time doing this, and I didn’t even know they had been practicing it on Wednesdays! She did a great job, and has been showing it off at home, too. If you come over, you might convince her to give a performance just for you – I’ll bet it will bring you to tears, or to your feet, or both. It certainly did to us that night!

A Night at the Museum: Girl Scout Father/Daughter Dance 2012

gsinvitation-nologoIt has been said that a daddy is his daughter’s first love.

And I hope one day my daughters will say “It’s not that my standards are too high, it’s just that my daddy set an amazing example of how a man should treat me.” Continue reading