Guess Who is 31?!

That’s right, today is Macaulay Culkin’s 31st birthday!

You still think of him locked perpetually in time as 8-year-old Kevin McCallistar, left Home Alone while his family travels to France, but the truth is that he was born on August 26th, 1980, making him a wizened 31-years-old today.

How do I know? My friend Ashley S. (nee L.) told me so on August 26th, 1994. She was a HUGE Macaulay Culkin fan, and pointed out that that day was his 14th birthday. And I have remembered that every year.

So, Happy Birthday, Macaulay Culkin! Here’s to 31! You’re in good company; here are a few others celebrating their birthday today (or who WOULD have celebrated their birthday today if they weren’t all dead):


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