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My Cell-Phone Free Life (Day 1 of 2)

The quote that encapsulates my morning: dripping equal parts sarcasm and adorable 7-year-old lisp “You mean you have to pay for coffee with money? Well, that just sounds like a pain in the butt” (followed by awkward moment where I have to chastise my daughter for… being just like me)

It is 10:05 am in my “day 1 until replacement phone” comes. The day when I realize it’s not so much Continue reading


When Hikers Leave Love Notes

11061984_10206892725255259_2489945500142692694_nAnother beautiful day in the Virginia spring; another day where my husband leaves before the sun rises to hike in the amazing Shenandoah mountains.

When I come down to fix breakfast/lunches and get the kids ready for school, papers like this on the table are my love note. OK, the pink is not drawing a heart, and there aren’t even any written words. But Keith printed out the maps of the areas of his planned hikes, and charted his planned path. With him hiking solo – outside of cell coverage more than 3 hours from home – this is what gives me a little peace of mind.

I hope to never need these to try to track him down, but I sure feel better having them!

Check out some of Keith’s hiking posts on Facebook at Gettin’ High with Keith or some past hikes on this blog in the Daytripping>>Hikes category.


They Love Vincent

Café Terrace at Night, also known as The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum

Café Terrace at Night, also known as The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum

Over the course of the past week both of my girls have independently come to me telling me how much they love this painting by a guy named Vincent, and we should buy it because it would look good in our house and they think it would be cool.

I did clarify; they don’t want a poster/print, but want “the REAL one that he REALLY painted”.

So, we’re just skipping over the phase where you ask for a pony and going straight to pleading for 19th century post-impressionism art? OK, cool.

In related news, if you hear about a Dutch art heist, that was NOT me. However, if you see two kids on Antiques Roadshow in 50 years who seem to think they have the original Cafe Terrace at Night because they asked for it and their mom gave them a framed piece of art and they just assumed it was real and they comically find out it was a Michael’s print? Yeah, that’s probably my kids.

Remember D.A.R.Y.L.?

11178224_10206788699534681_581503305301380518_nD.A.R.Y.L. (Data Analyzing Robotic Youth Lifeform )- one of those movies that my dad taped from the Wonderful World of Disney Sunday Night Movie series (gosh, we loved that growing up!). And in a family without cable, VHSs from WWD-SNM were gold.

So when I found out on the same day that D.A.R.Y.L. was streaming on Netflix AND that my disc for Flight of the Navigator (“Compliance”) had finally come in (seriously, top of the queue for like a year and a half) it was like my 80s childhood was having a reunion on the screen in my Totally Adorkable studio. As I said on Instagram:

Thanks to the joys of social media, I could wax nostalgic with my brother. We did both decide the movie didn’t hold up as well as other childhood favorites and VHS gems.

  • I think a lot of my nostalgia about that movie comes solely from seeing shots of an SR-71
  • And that it may or may not be set in North Carolina.

    You know, I don’t remember knowing what a hooker was in 1987-ish. So I am sure – since it was never answered – that I asked mom and dad. And I really wish I remember how they explained that one.

    I bet Mr. Boogety would hold up even worse.

  •  oh my god
  •  have definitely not thought of that movie since i moved out of the house

Kaitlyn and Kourey’s Spring Break Wish List

21160_10206624851358579_332733130733620584_nSpring break is here! The first thing the girls and I did was make a Spring Break WISH List. I emphasised many, many, many times this was a WISH list, not a “Kaitlyn and Kourey’s Charmed Life We Will Do It” list. They…. kinda got it.

In case you can’t read our writing, here’s what the girls included on their list:

  1. Science Museum [SMV-Science Museum of Virginia]
  2. Sweet Frog
  3. Bonfire/Firepit (w/marshmallows)
  4. Cinderella/Frozen Fever
  5. Bownce (sic) place/jumpy place (I think she meant the Playroom)
  6. Mini Golf
  7. Chuck E. Cheese
  8. Family Movie Time (Tinkerbelle & the Legend of the Neverbeast and Paul Blart: Mall Cop)
  9. Picnic at Dodd Park
  10. Family Board Game Time

Family board game was first on the agenda – Daddy was impressive with his Disney trivia knowledge to take the win.

11110201_10206240716274012_6171571864813347553_nMy friend Heather at BiCoastal Mama shared that they do a daily theme for summer, and she brought that into Spring Break. Make It Mondays, Take a Trip Tuesday and more. I love this idea, and had a less-well-defined version of it going last summer. I definitely will be stealing a bit from her idea for our summer plans.

Kourey Tells About Easter

Kourey came home from school with six bright plastic eggs in a gold spray-painted half of an egg carton. She was so excited to tell me what the eggs were for that she couldn’t wait to get home, even though I had been warned about Egg 2 and told her to please not open the eggs in the car.

As soon as she got home, she gathered the family around her to tell about the eggs and the meanings of their contents. She was so excited that she asked to video the third telling. And here it is.

She shares a few different details each time, as she is truly sharing a story versus reciting a lesson, but there is simplicity in the story from these six.

Egg 1 – a flower, to remind us that God created every part of earth, and all the beauty.

Egg 2 – dirt, to represent how sin makes us dirty, and apart from God

Egg 3 – a cross, to show how Christ came to clean us from that sin by dying on the cross

Egg 4 – a rock, to symbolize the boulder rolled back from the tomb where Jesus was buried

Egg 5 – nothing, to illustrate how the tomb was not only open, but empty, because Christ is not dead; he arose

Egg 6 – a mirrored heart gem, to reflect the reason God would do all that – His precious love for me

Happy Easter from the Dohls.

Give Peas a Chance

Green Lennon says "give peas a chance"

Apropos of nothing (as is her modus operandi), Kourey asked me “Mom, why do we pray to God to eat peas?”

Caught off-guard (as is my general response), I intelligently said, “What?”

“You know, when ‘we pray the blessings and we pray for peas’,” she sang.

We talked about blessings, and meal blessings; we talked about peace (“It’s when there is no strife or struggles””What’s strife?””Um…struggles””It’s when there is no struggles or struggles?””Yeah””Hmm”) and peas. And I will never hear that song again without “We pray for peas” echoing Laura Story’s lyrics.

Let’s Go to the Hop! MPBC 2013 Father/Daughter Dance

FromAngela05Tonight the girls donned ruffle socks, high ponytails and poodle skirts, and Keith topped his white t-shirt and jeans with his letterman’s sweater and took his best two girls (after Mommy, of course) to the hop.

“Let’s Go to the Hop!” was the 1950s Sock Hop theme of this year’s Father/Daughter dance at church. Here are some more great pictures from the dance:

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Are These My Future Grandchildren?

clipboard2-horz-vertKourey has long told me (and anyone who would listen) of her detailed plans for the future. Living in Paris. With a job in fashion. And having 10 children – 4 girls, then 5 boys, then one more girl to be her baby.

Today Kourey told me that she was upping her desired kid count from 10 to 12, and she had names picked out. The girls would be named Merida, Ariel, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy.

Boys would be named after Star Wars and superheroes (specific names TBD).

When I was in high school I was dead set on the name Niamh Aisling for a daughter, and even before marriage I steadfastly held to my desire for a Ruth. Keith (still?) wanted to name his son Kermit. (I am not kidding) Clearly, names aren’t set until not only both parents agree but the birth certificate is filed.

That said, I promised to reminder her of this when she had children. Is lovingly embroidering a blanket for my dear grandson Obi Wan in my future?

An MLK Letterboxing Adventure at Pocahontas State Park

2013Blog-Letterboxing02A rare day – we were all four off! No school, no work. What should we do?

We’ve been working on Girl Scout Try-It’s and one that looked interesting was the Letterboxing Try-It.

If you’re not familiar with Letterboxing, maybe you’ve heard of Geocaching. It’s not the same, exactly, Continue reading