Cuantas Palabras?

The girls (with my help) took a vocabulary inventory. It estimated our vocabulary out of 45,000 words based on two levels of word recognition.

Kourey: 5,650

Kaitlyn: 6,120

Mommy: 30,700


The results are fun to see, but I really loved reading through the words with the girls and having them explain them to me or use them in a sentence. Kourey demonstrated “wag” for me with her rear.

If she couldn’t explain the word I didn’t count it, even if I was pretty sure she would know what I was talking about if I used it in a sentence. While most words that Kaitlyn didn’t know she just said “I don’t know that word” a few she showed me she didn’t quite know what I meant with her answers. My favorite of her explanations were that a weasel was “something that helps you when you are drawing with clips for your paper” and that a drought was “when you are under the water all the way and you were drought”.

Want to check your or your kid’s vocabulary, and help compile research data? Do it at


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