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When Hikers Leave Love Notes

11061984_10206892725255259_2489945500142692694_nAnother beautiful day in the Virginia spring; another day where my husband leaves before the sun rises to hike in the amazing Shenandoah mountains.

When I come down to fix breakfast/lunches and get the kids ready for school, papers like this on the table are my love note. OK, the pink is not drawing a heart, and there aren’t even any written words. But Keith printed out the maps of the areas of his planned hikes, and charted his planned path. With him hiking solo – outside of cell coverage more than 3 hours from home – this is what gives me a little peace of mind.

I hope to never need these to try to track him down, but I sure feel better having them!

Check out some of Keith’s hiking posts on Facebook at Gettin’ High with Keith or some past hikes on this blog in the Daytripping>>Hikes category.



Hiking Doyles River and Jones Run Loop

A Hike Report from Keith:

I headed out to hike the Doyles Falls and Jones Run trails just before 9 am.  About two hours later, I arrived at my destination in Shenandoah National Park.  There were no rangers at the south entrance station, just a sign posted on the window to pay as you exited.

I arrived at Brown Gap (near mile post 83) at 10:45 and loaded up for the day’s hike.  I had plenty of water and several granola bars.  I had googled the weather for Charlottesville and it was going to be 50 degrees.  I figured it would only be a few degrees lower since Brown Gap is only 30 or 40 miles away and 1,000 feet higher up.  Well, that was my first mistake of the trip.  Continue reading