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Christmas According to Preschoolers

Kourey and some of her friends and fellow preschoolers from Mount Pleasant telling about Christmas.


Soundtrack of Our Lives – This Is The Stuff

I just love this song by Francesca Battistelli. Every example of the “little mess” is straight from the Katherine playbook.

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Soundtrack of Our Lives

If you count “1-2-3” (without the no-nonsense do-this-by-the-count-of-three! inflection that often accompanies it) in our house, you are likely to have Kaitlyn or Kourey (or Daddy) reply “like a bird I sing”. The girls were singing the chorus to this while coloring this afternoon, which got me started thinking about some of our favorite family songs.

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Memorial Day – Remembering the Sacrifice

This song was written by the music teacher at a local elementary school, Tussing Elementary, and sung by the third graders.

Today we remember all of the men and women that have served, fought, and sacrificed – some giving their very lives – throughout the years to gain and secure freedom, for our country, for our citizens, and around the world.  Thank you, soldiers.

And we also praise the One who came for true and eternal freedom, and sacrificed – giving His very life – that all men, women and children, regardless of country, citizenry, race or status can have eternal life.  Thank you, Jesus.