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“But I don’t WANT to be a pirate!!”

It’s a case of life imitating art (well, Seinfeld, at least).

Kourey’s been afraid of the pirates that are part of our FAM JAM (think VBS for the whole family) theme this year. When I bought her a t-shirt to wear, she said she couldn’t because she was afraid of pirates.

I told her, “But with this shirt on you won’t need to be afraid of the pirates… You’ll BE a pirate! You can’t be scared if you’re a pirate.”

Kourey looked up at me with baleful eyes and proclaimed,

“But I don’t want to be a pirate!”

For those of you without a Seinfeld problem context, here’s a little remix from “The Puffy Shirt”:


Our Pirate of the I-Don’t-Care-Ibbean

Pirates of the I Don't Care-ibbean

The cutest pirate ever, excited about rehearsal for the “Pirates of the I Don’t Care-ibbean” musical that will anchor our church’s FamJam this summer. The musical was written by our children’s pastor, Jeff Smith, and it’s a fun play with baseball and pirates, and the kids are all so excited to perform.

Not your package VBS, FamJam is for the whole family and created uniquely by Jeff Smith.

FamJam: Pirates of the I-Don’t Care-ibbean!

Ahoy there matey! Grab your trusty scabbard and get ready to take the ride of your life on the high seas of adventure!

Faith journeys and water stories like Noah, Moses, and Jonah will teach us about faith that lets us walk on the water, just like Jesus did. Family-friendly, community minded, and the ride of your life!

5 – 8:30pm  • July 15th – 18th

Big Apple Adventure: Crazy Hat Day

Kourey and Kaitlyn with their “Crazy Hats” on the last day of VBS today.

Kaitlyn’s hat is a Dollar Tree chip and dip tray with tea bags glued around the rim, a band of elastic glued in to hold it on, and on the top and front “T-E-A” and “I ❤ VBS” is spelled out in hot glue with loose tea sprinkled on like glitter. It smelled tea-riffic, too 🙂 By the way, Kaitlyn designed this hat. Mommy simply worked the hot glue gun.

Kourey’s hat is a simple pirate’s hat from Dollar Tree, with a band of elastic glued in to keep it on. She says she is “hunting for buried treasure – BOOYAH!” Not pictured is Mommy in her Dollar Tree dinosaur-head hat.Tonight is the closing ceremony for VBS. If the offerings for the week – to go to a church plant in New York City called Gallery Church – topped $1000, Pastor Curtis is taking a pie to the face. This was Kourey’s offering envelope as she brought in a donation from Auntie Kris. Both girls are looking forward to seeing the pastor get smashed with a big, messy pie tonight!

Big Apple Adventure!

Sports team day

Tourist day

What Kaitlyn was up to at VBS

VBS got kinda lost in the fray, what with us being gone until the day before it started, and leaving less than 12 hours after it ended for another two week stint of vacationing.

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