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Blessed In My Mess

The scene: Sam’s Club. Trying to get a morning of shopping done with my very sweet but very 4-year-old daughter, I snuck a break for a soda. Said soda in seat of the cart. Said daughter in basket of the cart.

The action: The soda spontaneously leaps from the cart and cascades over the floor. I groan.

What happens: Kourey looks at me and sweetly smiles and says “It’s ok, Mom! The lady is coming to clean it up already, and accidents happen.”

Then she settles back down in the basket and starts humming then singing:

“This is the stuff that drives me crazy

This is the stuff that’s been getting to me lately

In the middle of my little mess, I forget how BIG I’m blessed!”

Watch what you pour into your little ones (or allow to be poured into them). When you pour in good, it comes back to bless you (even in the middle of your little mess) when you least expect it.


Meine Tochter, die Eule

Kaitlyn: Mom, I know because of how the earth spins around the sun that we are going to bed here, but Anja is waking up soon in Germany!

Kourey: What?! Mom, is Anja NOCTURNAL?!

What I love even more is that after her initial surprise (sitting straight up in bed with a look of pure shock), Kourey quickly added, in her sweet little lisp “What I mean, Mom, is does Anja sleep when when the sun is out, then at night when it is dark does she wake up to look for food and go to the bathroom?”

This wasn’t the first Anja-versation of the day. Earlier, when Keith was trying to get Kourey to guess “Kaitlyn” to answer a question (I can’t remember the question!) while he, Kourey and I were at the lunch table, the conversation went like this:

Keith: I’ll give you a hint: She’s a part of this family, she lives here, but she’s not here right now.

Kourey: Ummmm… Anja! Because my sister is in Germany.

Keith: Ok, true, new hint… AND she’s at [Kait’s School Name] right now.

Kourey: Ohhhhh, Kaitlyn!

It’s true, the girls very much miss their “Deutsch Schwester”. We ALL miss Anja!

Deutsch Schwester

Early Veteran’s Day Tales

This Friday is Veteran’s Day, and that means veterans bearing poppies are out in force, trading red blooms for donations.

I gave the girls my cash to give the gentleman in front of our destination, which they happily gave over for a poppy and a brief lesson.

“Will you wear your poppies on Friday for Veteran’s Day?” the man asked. “Do you know what a veteran is? It is a man or woman who served in the military (“Like the Army like Lauren’s dad?” Kaitlyn asked. Yes.)” Full of awe, the girls took their flowers and carefully carried them around, as I affixed my poppy to my coat lapel.

After more than a few minutes spent contemplating her poppy, Kaitlyn happily announced “I didn’t even know the Army HAD veterinarians!”

After we got Kaitlyn straight (I think), we had another poppy instance. In the car on the way home, Kourey plucked her poppy from her jacket, making the head pop off. She quickly disolved into tears. “The man told me to take care of this flower, and I did NOT take care of it! He would be so sad and I can’t wear it on Friday to say thank you to Pop!” (Pop served in the Army in Korea; part of our discussion of Veteran’s Day). I don’t have joy in my kids crying, but I was a little proud – I’ll admit – that she understood at least enough to care about honoring our veterans this Friday and throughout the year.

To our friends and family members who have served in the Armed Forces; to the men and women who served with them; and to the veterans who came before and will come after them… the Dohls say Thank You.

5 O’Clock Spines?

Kourey: Daddy! Stop kissing me! Your chin spines hurt!

(Grammar geek aside: I had to pull out my old style manual to make sure I had properly capitalized “o’clock” in the title. If the title were longer, I would only have capitalized the C, since “clock” is the noun of the contraction (“of the clock”) and in a title generally only the nouns are capitalized. But when there are four or less words in a title, you generally capitalize the prepositions and whatnot, too. Of course, I could have thrown grammar out of the window because I planned to use the numeral for 5, even though it is a number less than ten, and the first word in the title, to boot! But, as Suzanne Miller can attest, it’s ok to break the rules, as long as you know what rule you’re breaking, and why.)


Me: Ok, kids! Let’s get dressed and get some breakfast!

Kour: Oh, yeah! Banana, here I come! I’m gonna eat you… monkey-style! Ooo-ooh, AH!

All She Really Knows…

Mom: … and I heard there will be pony rides!

Kait: Pony with a horn on it’s head, like this, right? (holds hand up to indicate unicorn)

Mom: Um, no. That’s a unicorn. Unicorns… you know they don’t exist, right? They’re pretend.

Kait: All I really know is that I only ride ponies that have a horn on their head.


Contrails and Migration

Some Kourey-isms from the day:

Kourey: Mommy, when I grow up is it alright if I be a doctor?

Me: Sure, babe! You have to go to doctor school, you know.

K: OK, but I’m a bird. I’m a robin.

Me: Ooooohkaaaaayyyy. I guess you can go to bird doctor school?

K: Mom. When birds go away it’s not school; it’s migration.


Kourey: (looking out the window of the car) Mom! Mom! Contrails! I see contrails! Do you see them?

M: Yep, I do!

K: Do you see the end? I see the airplane. Contrails come out of an airplane’s butt.

M: *sigh*

New Uses for Footwear

Monday night I was out with some ladies at Sweet Monday, so Keith had the job of getting the girls ready for bed (easy) and to go to sleep (not so easy).

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Hey, Mom, YOUR hair is pretty long….

Kaitlyn fell while roller skating last Thursday. She was upset. Surprised yet?

She wimpered for a few minutes on the way home, then went on to other thoughts. Or so I thought.

“Mom, can I not get my hair cut? I want it to get long and long and… hey, Mom, YOUR hair is pretty long…” Continue reading

Kids’ Say the Darndest Things – Mommy’s Claws

image via flickr courtesy of Marcin Wichary

Kourey: Mommy, please scratch my back! It’s so itchy like bug biters!

(She lifts her shirt back; I acquiesce)

K: Ahhhhhhhh…. Mommy, I love you. Your claws are perfect scratchers.