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Remember D.A.R.Y.L.?

11178224_10206788699534681_581503305301380518_nD.A.R.Y.L. (Data Analyzing Robotic Youth Lifeform )- one of those movies that my dad taped from the Wonderful World of Disney Sunday Night Movie series (gosh, we loved that growing up!). And in a family without cable, VHSs from WWD-SNM were gold.

So when I found out on the same day that D.A.R.Y.L. was streaming on Netflix AND that my disc for Flight of the Navigator (“Compliance”) had finally come in (seriously, top of the queue for like a year and a half) it was like my 80s childhood was having a reunion on the screen in my Totally Adorkable studio. As I said on Instagram:

Thanks to the joys of social media, I could wax nostalgic with my brother. We did both decide the movie didn’t hold up as well as other childhood favorites and VHS gems.

  • I think a lot of my nostalgia about that movie comes solely from seeing shots of an SR-71
  • And that it may or may not be set in North Carolina.

    You know, I don’t remember knowing what a hooker was in 1987-ish. So I am sure – since it was never answered – that I asked mom and dad. And I really wish I remember how they explained that one.

    I bet Mr. Boogety would hold up even worse.

  •  oh my god
  •  have definitely not thought of that movie since i moved out of the house