The 100 Blog Challenge

What is this challenge? To start 100 blogs? To follow 100 blogs? To harass the authors of 100 blogs? No, no, no. Perhaps a more accurate challenge name would be The 100 Blog POST Challenge, but brevity has benefits I rarely see.

Sometimes I get behind on blogging. You who are reading this may have noticed. This challenge averages to just less than two blog posts a week. In all honesty, this shouldn’t be that hard, but it’s a way to keep me motivated; to get me back in the saddle on my long stretches of non-blogdom.

If you want to see how I’m doing, click here. There will be 10 posts from the year on each page.

Actually, I just checked and in 201o I had 98 posts. Maybe I should have set a higher challenge bar.


One response to “The 100 Blog Challenge

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