The 300 Mile Challenge

This might be the most straightforward challenge.  Run 300 miles in 2011.

Based on my current level, however, part of that will be walking, but I’m only measuring distance from when I go “for a run”, so no walking around Busch Gardens or hikes are counted here.

I’m planning on actually using this year.  I started last year when I found it, but I either stopped tracking or stopped running… in my experience they probably happened close to the same time.

Jan6 – Officially signed up for the Monument Avenue 10K and the YMCA Team in Training for said 10K.  Race itself will add a mere 6 miles towards goal, but training calendar and group runs with training team (including my friend Lysandra!) will bolster my total.

  • Jan 18 – 1 mile
  • Jan 20 – 1 mile
  • Jan 22 – 1 mile *first Team in Training run, at 20 degrees
  • Jan 27 – 1.5 mile *Chesterfield County loop trail
  • Jan 29 – 2 mile *Training Team run at a balmy (by comparison) 30 degrees and ridiculous fog
  • Feb 12 – 3 mile * Training Team run after 2 weeks sloth and bronchitis 😦 Really rough, very slow.


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