Kate’s 2011 Challenges

I (Katherine) am a weird New Years’ Resolution maker. I have specific goals; I have general resolutions; and I have moved some of my goals into even more measurable Challenges. My goal tied to these challenges is that I will update here on the blog to keep me accountable. What’s the use in having measurable results if you aren’t measuring?

Here are my 2011 Challenges:

52 Verse * 100 Blog * 100 Photo * 200 Book * 300 Mile


The 52 Verse Challenge

I have been convicted that Kaitlyn is memorizing Scripture every week in AWANA (and soon even little Kourey!), and I am not on a consistent, deliberate basis. This challenge easily breaks into one verse per week. My child is learning more than that in Sparks; shouldn’t I be able to do just as well?



The 100 Blog Challenge

Sometimes I get behind on blogging.  You who are reading this may have noticed.  This challenge averages to just less than two blog posts a week.  In all honesty, this shouldn’t be that hard, but it’s a way to keep me motivated; to get me back in the saddle on my long stretches of non-blogdom.



The 100 Photo Challenge

This is my most nebulous challenge.  Clearly, I take more than 100 photos a year.  I might even take more than 100 really good photos a year.  The odds are on my side that I have at least that many good ones.  But my 100 photos challenge is to actively look for those really good, stand alone photos.  To crop them or adjust them if that’s what it takes, so that they are printer ready.  Not that I’ll necessarily print them, and not that they are necessarily really good by anyone else’s standards.  I expect to have a lot of kids pictures in here, actually, but that’s again just the numbers playing for me.  Photos from last year might count, if I haven’t cropped them up yet… I haven’t decided.  They’ll be on the same tag, whether they count or not.



The 200 Book Challenge

I like to read.  A lot. A few years ago I took on a 100 book challenge.  It wasn’t very challenging; I had it met by about August.  200 books, though, is averaging nearly four books a week.  When you’re zipping through young adult fiction this is pretty easily acheived, but one good non-fiction tome or epic novel – while being a far more satisfying read in many ways – can throw off that goal.  I’ll be keeping a list, and trying to keep up over at GoodReads.com.



The 300 Mile Challenge

This might be the most straightforward challenge.  Run 300 miles in 2011.  Well, based on my current level, part of that will be walking, but I’m only measuring distance from when I go “for a run”, so no walking around Busch Gardens or hikes are counted here.  I’m planning on actually using MapMyRun.com this year.  I started last year when I found it, but I either stopped tracking or stopped running… in my experience they probably happened close to the same time.


Join Me:

If you are tracking a similar challenge – or want to join me on one of these challenges – let me know!  It’s like having accountability partners and cheerleaders, all at once.


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