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My little artist with her piece on display at the Chesterfield Fine Arts Festival. She loved showing it off, and checking out her friends’ pieces there, too.



She Comes By It Naturally

Koureys1stMathTest2  “Mom, will you PLEASE give me a math test?!?!”

I more often get requests for painting, coloring, reading, computer and TV; this one was a new request. And Kourey made it with such imploring in her voice that I simply had to say yes.

Koureys1stMathTest4Koureys1stMathTest3I made an 8 question addition test, with a list of Continue reading


Lunch with Daddy

Lunch with Daddy

Keith got to have lunch with Kaitlyn last week. Can you tell she is thrilled with her delivered lunch and company?

Keith took this picture, and sent it over with a story Kaitlyn told him:
“Just ate lunch with Kaitlyn. She said that Mr G told the boys that were buying lunch to line up first, then the girls who were buying lunch, followed by the boys who brought their lunch, and finally the girls who brought their lunch. Seeing Kaitlyn not in line, Mr G said all girls who are doing something else need to get in line. I guess he wasn’t figuring on her lunch being delivered!”

On the First Day of First Grade…

She woke up to a whisper. She galloped through the rain to the bus with her lunchbox flapping behind (bookbag in my car, because it would have tipped her over with the weight of school supplies; but that’s another story). She had the outfit – leggings with long shirt; apparently the official outfit of First Day for 1st and 2nd grade girls. She had the shoes. She was ready! Continue reading

When I Grow Up…

When I Grow UpKaitlyn’s class is finishing up their unit on Neighborhoods, and a part of that is talking about people/jobs in their community. (Cue the Sesame Street classic “Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood” right about here) Continue reading

Kaitlyn’s First Research Project: Zebras

Continue reading