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My little artist with her piece on display at the Chesterfield Fine Arts Festival. She loved showing it off, and checking out her friends’ pieces there, too.



She Comes By It Naturally

Koureys1stMathTest2  “Mom, will you PLEASE give me a math test?!?!”

I more often get requests for painting, coloring, reading, computer and TV; this one was a new request. And Kourey made it with such imploring in her voice that I simply had to say yes.

Koureys1stMathTest4Koureys1stMathTest3I made an 8 question addition test, with a list of Continue reading

White Oak Canyon and Cedar Run

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It was a cold day with intermittent rain and snow showers, but it was a great day to hike White Oak Canyon and Cedar Run.  The original plan was to hike Bear Church Rock, but we could not see the mountain summits through the clouds and decided on a hike that did not depend on better weather.

IMG_2749smallThe trail snakes its way up to the first of six major waterfalls fairly quickly.  Waterfall #1 (about 60 feet high) had streams of ice along the fall and the water plunged into a frozen pool of water at its Continue reading

Let’s Go to the Hop! MPBC 2013 Father/Daughter Dance

FromAngela05Tonight the girls donned ruffle socks, high ponytails and poodle skirts, and Keith topped his white t-shirt and jeans with his letterman’s sweater and took his best two girls (after Mommy, of course) to the hop.

“Let’s Go to the Hop!” was the 1950s Sock Hop theme of this year’s Father/Daughter dance at church. Here are some more great pictures from the dance:

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Father/Daughter Dance season is upon us….

fatherdaughterdance6There is something so special about a Father/Daughter Dance. Ever since the first one Kaitlyn was invited to as a Daisy Scout in Troop 3222, she has held this to be like the highest form of a Daddy/Daughter Date. And Kourey, seeing the specialness around it, couldn’t wait until it was her turn to go, too.

Last year Kaitlyn had Keith all to herself again for the annual Girl Scout Father/Daughter Dance, but had to share him with Kourey for the Beauty and the Beast Father/Daughter Dinner and Dance at church.

101_0037This year, Continue reading

An MLK Letterboxing Adventure at Pocahontas State Park

2013Blog-Letterboxing02A rare day – we were all four off! No school, no work. What should we do?

We’ve been working on Girl Scout Try-It’s and one that looked interesting was the Letterboxing Try-It.

If you’re not familiar with Letterboxing, maybe you’ve heard of Geocaching. It’s not the same, exactly, Continue reading

She Thinks She’s Cool

And who are we to argue?

And who are we to argue?

What Did the Dohls Do in 2012?

It was a busy year. New schedules, new schools, new job, new travel destinations… there is never  a dull moment! We had a year where we made full use of our passes to the zoo, Busch Gardens, Children’s Museum of Richmond and Shenandoah (at least for Keith hiking!) Here’s a little look back at some of what the Dohls did in 2012:


100_9657Kourey discovered Spider-Man “and his Amaaaaaaazing Friends!”

Katherine went to the Elvis at 21 exhibit at VMFA with Belinda (and saw this guy… that’s clearly not Belinda)

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101_0037Katherine went to see “The Lion King” Broadway in Richmond with Kris – amazing!

Keith joined Facebook, and promptly became addicted to Words With Friends

Keith took the girls to the Beauty & the Beast Father/Daughter Dance

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Katherine started appliqueing

We kicked off the Busch Gardens season with St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

Kaitlyn performed “Arise, My Love” with the God Rod Squad at church before the Passover Seder (and also at the Easter Egg Hunt)

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Keith took Kaitlyn to the Girl Scout Father/Daughter Dance (that Katherine designed the patch for!)

Kaitlyn and Kourey were introduced to baseball at the Flying Squirrels season opening series. It was a hit.

We got a new camera. Wheee!

Katherine started a new job at Trinity UMC

Katherine and a group of ladies filled a bus to go to Winston-Salem for the annual Junior League Rummage Sale – and got to hang with Grandmama and Aunt Jean, too!

IMG_1662Keith & Katherine celebrated their anniversary with their customary anniversary hike – this year with wild ponies!

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Kaitlyn and Kourey showed off their singing chops at the Sing for Spring concert

Keith and Katherine rocked out with the Richmond Symphony presenting the music of Queen.(Hey, it’s one way to get Keith to the Symphony!)

Katherine discovered meringue pies. Keith helped eat the discovery.

The girls showcased their dance skills at the “Gone Country” dance recital. Kaitlyn did a tap routine to “Girls’ Night Out” and a jazz routine to “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” (a country remake on the “Footloose” soundtrack); Kourey did a ballet routine to an instrumental lullaby “Old MacDonald”

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IMG_4214Kaitlyn finished up 1st Grade with a Dinosaur Project; “Stegosaurus could have been purple with pink spots… no one knows!”

Kaitlyn and Kourey journeyed to NC with Grandmama for Camp Sunshine/Camp Gingerbread

We joined them at Grandmama and Papa’s for a family visit to NC- including trips to Old Salem, Tweetsie Railroad and the Spencer Train Museum, plus visiting with Uncle David and Uncle Stephen!

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Pirates of the I Don't Care-ibbeanKaitlyn and Kourey VBSed it at Trinity UMC, then FamJam-ed it at our home church, MPBC, with “The Pirates of the I-Don’t-Care-ibbean”

We refinanced our house – just 10 more years until the mortgage burning party, y’all!

We visited Nana & Pop in PA – including daytripping to Dutch Wonderland, bowling with the Joneses and picnicking with the Simas

Kaitlyn and Kourey began their obsession with Olympics – especially Team USA Beach Volleyball and Swimming

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IMG_8189We went to to Walt Disney World!

Katherine got another year older. Macauley Culkin got the same year older. It’s weird how that happens every year.

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We went to the Craft Family Reunion weekend at White Lake, NC – and Papa won his little Rapunzel-loving granddaughters’ hearts all over again by bringing floating lanterns

Kaitlyn started 2nd grade and Kourey started Pre-K.

Girl Scouts started up, with Kaitlyn as a new Brownie and Kourey as a Daisy.

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20121013CarterMountainOrchard23Katherine went to the E-Women conference – hung with some awesome ladies, saw Candace Cameron Bure (aka DJ Tanner), Casting Crowns, and Lysa TerKeurst (among others)

We went apple picking at Carter Mountain Orchard

Keith got switched to day shift – hooray!!!!

Keith turned… a year older

The girls rocked out their Halloween costumes: Rapunzel and Batman-as-a-girl-with-tutu (NOT to be confused with Batgirl)

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Kourey turned 5 with a Superhero party, complete with a Superhero Obstacle Course that was fun for kids AND adults.

Katherine and the girls waited 100 minutes in line to vote; they were rewarded with Mexican food. Keith waited less… and without company; he got no Mexican food.

Kaitlyn started Sign Language Club at school

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Kaitlyn turned 8 with a Rapunzel painting party that put a gaggle of girls in smocks and turned them loose with paintbrushes, acrylics and canvases in our kitchen

Kaitlyn’s class is the featured class of the month for the dance studio

Katherine sprinted to NC for the day to see Kent graduate and visit the Millerhaus

We celebrated Christmas at home, with visits from Nana & Pop (& Co.) the weekend before and from Grandmama & Papa (- Co.) the weekend after

We “rang in the New Year” with appetizers, games, a grape juice toast, New Year’s cake and a 2013 countdown…at 8:30 pm

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Lunch with Daddy

Lunch with Daddy

Keith got to have lunch with Kaitlyn last week. Can you tell she is thrilled with her delivered lunch and company?

Keith took this picture, and sent it over with a story Kaitlyn told him:
“Just ate lunch with Kaitlyn. She said that Mr G told the boys that were buying lunch to line up first, then the girls who were buying lunch, followed by the boys who brought their lunch, and finally the girls who brought their lunch. Seeing Kaitlyn not in line, Mr G said all girls who are doing something else need to get in line. I guess he wasn’t figuring on her lunch being delivered!”

A Day at Carter’s Mountain Orchard

Last Saturday was a beautiful day. The perfect day for a trip westward to Carter’s Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville. We weren’t the only ones that thought so; it felt like half the state of Virginia was there with us!

This was actually from our way down the mountain. Us on the right trying to get off, those on the left trying to get up.

While we drove up ourselves, we weren’t going alone. We met our Sunday School class and the Master’s Hand Story One (ASL class) for a picnic and some fellowship amongst the crowds.

The large crowds also meant the trees – especially in the Fuji grove – were more than a little picked over. Finding a great apple for her teacher was Kaitlyn’s quest, and when she found one that fit her specifications she was ecstatic. Of course, it took her and Keith climbing a tree to get to it, but that’s definitely part of the fun of apple picking!

Here are a few more pictures from our fun day:

My favorite family pic (Even if Kourey *isn’t* looking at the camera)!

Thirst No More and Master’s Hand/Story One (ASL) classes at Carter’s Mountain Orchard.