My Cell-Phone Free Life (Day 1 of 2)

The quote that encapsulates my morning: dripping equal parts sarcasm and adorable 7-year-old lisp “You mean you have to pay for coffee with money? Well, that just sounds like a pain in the butt” (followed by awkward moment where I have to chastise my daughter for… being just like me)

It is 10:05 am in my “day 1 until replacement phone” comes. The day when I realize it’s not so much addicted that describes my phone use, but dependent – nothing unsolvable, but just little ways I have let my Google assistant take over a bit of my responsibility:

* How can I tell what time it is in the bathroom? If only I had replaced the clock battery.

* What’s for lunch at school? Without the app, I really don’t know how to check. We have the printed menu, but it is subject to (and often does) change. Oh, well, kid… you waited too long to decide, so you’re getting mystery lunch.

*One kid is wearing jeans and a tshirt; one an above-the-knee skirt and sleeveless top. What’s the weather going to be today? Who knows (TWC what?)

* Did I get any orders last night from my Etsy shop? What’s on my calendar for the day? Who knows. Will have to log in to a real computer later.

* Didn’t have time to make coffee; let’s stop by Wawa! Wait, wait… no phone app; I have to pay some other way. (this is where little K jumped in on the game of mocking my dramatic hand-wringing over the artificial “need” of having a cell phone)

* Another moment when I realize this means no Starbucks, either.

* Remember it’s ok, I don’t have to spend money from our checking account, because I have a debit card tied to my “cash for people who don’t carry cash” account. I never keep more than a few hundred in there, and actually it’s closer to $15 about now. No problem! I always just quick check my balance, and transfer over my version of a “cash withdrawel”. Just pull up my Wells Fargo App and… drat.

* It’s ok! I’ll go to the ATM! Where is the nearest one? Can’t use my Wells Fargo App, obviously. “OK, Google… how far is it to Wells Fargo?” … DRAT!!! Now I’m freaking talking to myself! AND… I KNOW where the nearest one is! RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from work!!! Seriously, brain, time to engage.

* I need to text-cry on Lydia Ruth’s shoulder. She’ll feel my pain. Can’t text her, obviously, so I’ll just use the computer SMS program to text her. Don’t need my phone at all!!! Now, what is her phone number? GOSH DARN IT!!

Only 2-3 more days. Only 2-3 more days. Thanks, republic wireless and Motorola, for already having a replacement phone coming to me!


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