Kourey & Her Violin


It’s that perennial favorite school project – make an instrument out of recycled household items/trash.

As she was brainstorming instruments (maracas? No. Drum? No. Kazoo? No. Rubber band guitar? NO!) SOMEONE (not naming names, but I’m married to him) joked she should make a violin.

So of course she had to.

Looks like a rubber band guitar? Look again. Her violin is distinct by the chin rest, and that you play it with a bow. She is very proud of the painting she did on the back, and did “detail work” with Sharpies on the bow and neck.

The bow “plucks” the strings with a hairpin stuck in it. (you can see it near the bear on the left picture). So… you do play it with a bow, and it’s about as much like a violin as it was like a guitar without it.


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