Over St. Patrick’s Day

Kourey’s  first grade class was asked last week if they knew what holiday was this week.

St Patrick’s Day!

“OK, what do you know about St. Patrick’s day?”

I don’t know what the teacher expected, but Kourey told me about how excited she was to get called on to share. She told them a story of PIRATES and SLAVERY and ESCAPE and a return to Ireland to tell the people there about God, Jesus and his love for each of us, and how shamrocks tied into it all.

Look, here’s the thing, I am OVER every day being a holiday. I even got mad at Pi Day – PI DAY!! – when Kaitlyn told me I needed to bake pies because her teacher told her so. But if the school wants to elevate St. Patrick’s Day – a Catholic feast day for a missionary to Ireland- to a multi-week educational theme, then I am as proud as a peacock that my little Kourey KNEW what it was about (although she still also thinks leprechauns are real, so….), and that she took the opportunity to share with her friends. Many thanks to her Sparks leaders at MPBCLife Children for telling the story to the kids. (I was going to say for making the story interesting, but.. do you actually know the story? It’s pretty high adventure.)

For more on the rich history of Patrick, check out this link: Remember St. Patrick

And a perennial favorite post from another mom at Rage Against the Minivan


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