Back to School Shopping Fun!

Going outlet shopping the weekend before school starts – at the first of the month and on a holiday weekend, to boot – was not my brightest idea in many, many ways. But there was a lot going on, and we had a great “girls’ day” with Auntie Kris.

002 001

The girls were thrilled to get their faces painted at the Williamsburg Hartstrings. I’m giving them a plug, because their face paint artist was really good, and took her time on each kid. It looks better than the ones parents pay $$ for at the amusement parks!



“Is my name in there?”

Another draw of the day was getting to go see Santa and the snow at Yankee Candle Shop. Santa seemed a little apprehensive when Kourey wanted him to check her name in his book, but there it was – “Kourey”. Kaitlyn tried to skirt his questions about eating vegetables, and tried to see if her dad was on the naughty list, but Santa’s too smart for that!



They also got to decorate their own cupcakes with Mrs. Claus. Auntie encouraged Kourey to add more frosting, but Kourey reminded her it was “decorate your OWN cupcake” time, and she liked just a little frosting. Kaitlyn was all too happy to help with the rest of Kourey’s frosting, though.

031  032


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