Vita est iter, non habitum

familycrestI was making trip passports for the girls to put stamps in, when I realized we didn’t have a family crest to go on the front. Forget laundry, this took precedence. Obviously.

Our family motto (at least our tripping motto) is “Vita est iter, non habitum”. In case you took German in high school (or some other non-romance language that doesn’t help with Latin), that’s (roughly) “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” Thanks, Aerosmith!

The colors of white on blue represents peace and sincerity built on a foundation of truth and loyalty.

The cross is a symbol of Christian faith.

The crowned eagle with wings extended symbolizes authority, bravery, ingenuity and protection.

The wreath of laurels is a sign of triumph and perseverance, and the green field was originally so I could see better see the design as I was making it, but we left as a symbol of hope, joy and loyalty in love.


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