DohlScouting: Upcycled Cookie Box

DohlScouting: Upcycle Cookie Box to Bound JournalThings I love: journals, Girl Scouts, cookies, office supplies. This easy project has them all!

Seriously, the only way this could be easier is to simply buy a journal, but you wouldn’t have the super-cute girl scout box covers.

We just finished a box of Samoas from our 2012 stash (just in time – the 2013 cookies come in tomorrow!), and I knew what I wanted to do with it.

I sliced off the front and back covers. Really, “cut” is a perfectly good verb here. I used scissors – nothing fancy.

math test 141Next, I measured the cover against a piece of paper and cut several sets of paper to go inside. I did use a paper/photo trimmer board, because it’s so much easier to get a straight line. The covers were about 7.5″ x 3.5″, so I got 3 pages with a little bit of scrap from each page of computer paper (of course I cut 5 or 6 sheets at a time).

math test 142Punching holes and inserting a comb is easy if you have access to a comb binder, or I could have paid a few bucks and had it done at the local copy shop (as I have done for other projects). If you go the route of paying to have it done, go ahead and add more pages than I did!

Now the only problem is who uses this cute little notebook, and for what. Both girls have tried to claim it, but I’m thinking it might get donated to the troop as a log book for our upcoming letterbox Brownie Try-it.


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