DohlScouting – Girl Scout Law Word Search

GirlScoutLawWordsearch1I am so grateful for all of the materials that other Girl Scout moms and leaders have made available beyond their own troop via the internet.

I think sharing is a great part of “Be[ing] a sister to every Girl Scout”, and am hoping to share more items that I’ve made for (or inspired by) the girls’ troop or other area Girl Scout events.

Here is a little word search I made for learning the Girl Scout Law. The picture links to the pdf, and though it’s got green on it, it prints very well (and economically) in black and white. Check back for more Girl Scout materials, ideas, and tales!


7 responses to “DohlScouting – Girl Scout Law Word Search

  1. I was wondering if you have an answer key? Thanks! Kimberly

  2. I figured it out! Thank you for making this!

  3. Love this! Would you mind if I shared it with our GS troop?

  4. I also LOVE it! If you follow the books, the ideas can be so stale! My girls will love this too. Thanks so much for sharing :)))

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