She Comes By It Naturally

Koureys1stMathTest2  “Mom, will you PLEASE give me a math test?!?!”

I more often get requests for painting, coloring, reading, computer and TV; this one was a new request. And Kourey made it with such imploring in her voice that I simply had to say yes.

Koureys1stMathTest4Koureys1stMathTest3I made an 8 question addition test, with a list of numbers from 1-10 on the right (since she still doesn’t know how to write all of them without a little help). She gleefully sat down with her pencil and went to work.

After a perfect score, she asked for another “with MORE math on it! I am SO GOOD at math!!!”

She cannot wait for Kindergarten in the fall.  Her Dr. Mathy grandmother will be so proud; I know I am.



One response to “She Comes By It Naturally

  1. Yeah, Kourey!!!! Your Dr. Mathy grandmother is proud indeed!!!

    HKL, Grandmama

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