White Oak Canyon and Cedar Run

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It was a cold day with intermittent rain and snow showers, but it was a great day to hike White Oak Canyon and Cedar Run.  The original plan was to hike Bear Church Rock, but we could not see the mountain summits through the clouds and decided on a hike that did not depend on better weather.

IMG_2749smallThe trail snakes its way up to the first of six major waterfalls fairly quickly.  Waterfall #1 (about 60 feet high) had streams of ice along the fall and the water plunged into a frozen pool of water at its base.


Waterfalls #2 and #3 (each about 60 feet) were several hundred yards from the trail and did not lend themselves to pictures.

IMG_2790smallWaterfall #4 was located at a convergence of another, smaller waterfall from a tributary stream (indicated by the icy wall in picture at right).  This smaller waterfall trickled several hundred feet down the steep slope forming an icy wonderland right in front of the other fall.  Waterfall #4 (bottom right of picture at left and picture below) plummeted some 40 to 50 feet.


Waterfall #5 dropped about 70 feet into another ice covered pool, but the ice covered rocks did not allow us to get too close.


Waterfall #6 was a long series of cascades and drops that were viewed from a high vantage point above the tree tops.  It seemed almost impossible to estimate its size, but the series of drops and cascades easily exceeded the other falls.


The view from waterfall #6 vantage point also yielded views of the the canyon walls below.


IMG_2809smallA fairly long  connector trail sent us across the ridges to the top of the Cedar Run Trail.  The trail was snow covered and slick at spots.


The trail down Cedar Run yielded many more (but smaller) waterfalls.  There were possibly as many as 10 or 15 waterfalls or cascades.  However, most the falls were in accessible and obscured by trees so most  pictures did not turn out well.  One of the falls on Cedar Run was somewhat photogenic.


The hike was extremely enjoyable and we were able to complete it in about five hours.

7.9 miles / 2,450 feet elevation gain


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