A Wedding in Lizard Land – Queen Kourey and the Lizard Man

After lunch on Sunday the girls were playing in the den while Keith, Auntie Kris and I lingered talking at the table.

Kaitlyn came in with a scrawled message on her dry erase board. She had an announcement. (Kourey followed close behind to make sure it was delivered correctly) We were being issued an invitation. We had questions about some of the edicts in the proclamation, but here is the invitation as it unfolded and was explained to us.

You are invited to the wedding of Kourey, the Queen of Lizard Land, to the lizard. All ladies should wear a dress that comes out like this [hands spread to indicate full skirt] and goes to the floor and bring a suitable prince. A suitable prince will be very handsome and good for dancing with. Or, if not very handsome, he can be okay looking and very good at dancing. If he is not good looking at all, he cannot come.

If you do not have a suitable prince, you can pick one. We will have suitable princes in a glass box, and you pick one to dance with, and return him at the end of the ball.

Ladies will wear their hair up. And it will be light colored. If their hair is dark, they will go to a stylist before the ball. But they can get it red if they want. Or light colored.

Everyone will bring a dish of food for the wedding. Mommy can bring flies (lizards eat flies).

Everyone will bring fake flowers to get in.

Everyone must come. It is not allowed to not come.

Be there at 5 pm. The wedding will be at 5:58 or 5:59. It’s hard to say.


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