A Day at Carter’s Mountain Orchard

Last Saturday was a beautiful day. The perfect day for a trip westward to Carter’s Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville. We weren’t the only ones that thought so; it felt like half the state of Virginia was there with us!

This was actually from our way down the mountain. Us on the right trying to get off, those on the left trying to get up.

While we drove up ourselves, we weren’t going alone. We met our Sunday School class and the Master’s Hand Story One (ASL class) for a picnic and some fellowship amongst the crowds.

The large crowds also meant the trees – especially in the Fuji grove – were more than a little picked over. Finding a great apple for her teacher was Kaitlyn’s quest, and when she found one that fit her specifications she was ecstatic. Of course, it took her and Keith climbing a tree to get to it, but that’s definitely part of the fun of apple picking!

Here are a few more pictures from our fun day:

My favorite family pic (Even if Kourey *isn’t* looking at the camera)!

Thirst No More and Master’s Hand/Story One (ASL) classes at Carter’s Mountain Orchard.



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