We Voted!


After 1 hour 40 minutes waiting in line (not to mention the hike from parking), I marked 5 ovals and cast the 1370th ballot at my polling precinct today.


The second half of the first of four legs of the line

The girls were remarkably well behaved. They read the two books they brought, then switched, then Kaitlyn read aloud. We read all of the projects on the school’s walls. We played “I’m going camping…” I braided Kaitlyn’s hair.


Hallway braid

Even though they didn’t get to cast a ballot, the girls got “I Voted” stickers for their patience. And then we celebrated our exercise of freedom with quesadillas at Don Pepe.
I remember going to vote with my mom. I don’t remember such very long lines – I joked with my sister-in-law today that when I was a kid and stood in a 2 hour line every fourth year out meant I was about to ride Space Mountain – but from a world-view that’s a very easy path to democracy. I hope my kids’ path to the poll remains easy (and maybe even quicker), but that they never mistake easy for optional or their freedom for something without cost.
Who knows when we’ll know “who won” today, but at least I know I did my part!

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