Draw Something


My unexpected entry into the world of smartphone/tablet users also has led me to a ridiculous fanaticism with the game “Draw Something”

If you haven’t played it, it’s basically Pictionary. (and it’s a few app, by the way)

I’m no artist, but I love the different ways purple draw things to get you to guess words. From literal to animated scenes (you watch the drawing unfold in quick time) to mini masterpieces, each player has their own drawing personality.

Want to play? My user name is KateDinVA… draw something for me!
image image image
PS – if you can’t see the titles, these five, from top down are Noodles, Kanye (you missed my awesome drawing of Taylor Swift that he is covering), salsa, Vader, and Galaga (they aren’t all pop culture or food words, promise).

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