A German Shepherd is Not a Bavarian Lamb Tender


For the past few weeks we’ve been reading Shiloh as our family book.
We’ve read several longer books before, but this one has really connected with the girls in a way I wasn’t expecting. Each night, before stating the next chapter, I ask the girls to recap the previous night’s chapter. I have been amazed at the detail they share, but it’s also a great way to clear things up.
Like the night after we read about Shiloh being attacked by a German Shepherd (with a chapter ending without certainty that Shiloh was alive… yeah, we went ahead and read another chapter that night): Kourey was giving the recap and was telling how the “mean mean man climbed in there and hurt Shiloh! And had his blood all on him”
Mean man? Judd Travers? He wasn’t in that chapter.
“No! Not Judd Travers! The mean shepherd!

It took a little convincing before she would believe a German Shepherd wasn’t a man from Germany!


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