Tweetsie Time

The whole family went to Tweetsie Railroad when we visited Grandmama and Papa last month.  For those of you who don’t know, Tweetsie Railroad is a old west railroad themed amusement park near Boone, North Carolina.  There are a few rides (sorry, no coasters) and several shows (that were apparently created in the 1970s and have not yet been updated).  We all enjoyed Tweetsie despite the out-of-date feel to the park.

We saw several shows, including “Diamond Lil’s Can-Can Revue” (can-can-ing brothel girls) and “Tweetsie Country Clogging Jamboree” (clogging farm girls).  In a throwback to the 70s and 80s, the entertainers pose for pictures with park guests after the performances.  Kids were invited to dance on stage during the clogging jamboree, but neither of our kids would go.

We rode many rides (the Tweetsie Twister, the Planes and Helicopters, the Ferris Wheel, the Chair Lift and Turnpike Cruisers), but the kids favorite ride must have been the Mouse Mine Train.  The Mouse Mine Train is a small train that travels in a short circle back to the station.  The train enters a tunnel, stops, and watches animatronic mice sing and mine for cheese.

Tweetsie also boasts a petting zoo.  The girls got ice cream cones filled with treats (animal treats that is) to feed the animals.  Kourey enjoyed having the animals eat out of her hands while Kaitlyn did not want the furry critters tongues touching her hands.

The highlight of the day was the “Wild West Train Adventure” ride / show.  We boarded an actual steam locomotive (those one has been declared an historical landmark) and rode off into the woods.  We stopped at an outpost and almost got robbed by bandits.  After defeated the bandits in a wild west shootout (which was a lot like the “A-team” because no one got hit), we headed over to Fort Boone.  Indians, aka Native Americans (not the baseball team — we wouldn’t be worried about then because we all know that they don’t have an offense), boarded our train and tried to scalp us.  But the cowboys won again (not the Dallas Cowboys — because they almost never win, especially two in a row)!  Kourey was freaked out by the gunfire and the Indians on the train.

We rode a few more rides after the Train Adventure.  Kaitlyn rode the Ferris Wheel (and I think she will never wide it again).

As we headed out of the park, the girls requested that we buy them cap guns.  Cap gun?  Our girls?  Did we have the right girls?  Kaitlyn enjoyed the shootout so much that she wanted her own gun.  And when Kaitlyn wanted one, Kourey did too.

We left Tweetsie Railroad and headed to Boone to eat supper with Uncle David.  We headed on home afterward, tired but excited about our next days at Grandmama and Papa’s.

Can-Can Photos!

Keith in the brothel!

The Cloggers…


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