Our Pirate of the I-Don’t-Care-Ibbean

Pirates of the I Don't Care-ibbean

The cutest pirate ever, excited about rehearsal for the “Pirates of the I Don’t Care-ibbean” musical that will anchor our church’s FamJam this summer. The musical was written by our children’s pastor, Jeff Smith, and it’s a fun play with baseball and pirates, and the kids are all so excited to perform.

Not your package VBS, FamJam is for the whole family and created uniquely by Jeff Smith.

FamJam: Pirates of the I-Don’t Care-ibbean!

Ahoy there matey! Grab your trusty scabbard and get ready to take the ride of your life on the high seas of adventure!

Faith journeys and water stories like Noah, Moses, and Jonah will teach us about faith that lets us walk on the water, just like Jesus did. Family-friendly, community minded, and the ride of your life!

5 – 8:30pm  • July 15th – 18th


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