Sing for Spring

Kourey and her friends were so excited to perform “Sing for Spring” a few weeks ago at church. The Preschool Choir put on this cute little musical (about 10 minutes), and invited their friends in the Children’s Choirs and Motion Drama team to join them in their concert.

First the preschoolers gave their performance, complete with several songs, a mini-God Rods (Holy Chopsticks??) performance, and several other props. Kris told Kourey that if she wanted ice cream she should sing loudly. As a friend of mine said “I guess she wanted TWO ice creams!”

Then the whole complement of kids joined together for a fun, fast-paced, full of motion medley called Sunday School Swing. They sang along with a video by the Go Fish Guys to this one (you can see the original Go Fish video here).

Then the kids choirs sang a few songs on their own. The picture of them above is just before they started a rendition of “Great is Thy Faithfulness” unlike any ever sung at a Gaither concert! Next the motion drama team impressed us all with a few touching performances. Then everyone broke for a sweet ice cream social.

Many many thanks to the leaders of the preschool choir – Shelly, Melody, Miranda and Christy!!


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