Girl Scouts are NUTS for the Squirrels!

Scout Night at the Diamond! Up until this season, we had never been to a Flying Squirrels game. Keith and I had been to a handful of games back when the R-Braves (AAA team for the ATL Braves) were at the Diamond, but never since the switch to Flying Squirrels (a AA farm team for the SF Giants). The girls had a blast at the season opener with our friends, and when Girl Scout Night at the Diamond came up they were more than ready for another night at the Old Ball Game. That it intersected with HCA night (Kris got $1 tickets!) and free hat night just made it a little bit cooler.

Kaitlyn got some new togs for the game. I whipped up this appliqued t-shirt with the new girl scouts logo, using some leftover material from their St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts and some rickrack trim for the shoulders and hem. Between that and her new baseball (which she wanted to get signed by her favorite player, Ryan Cavan), she was ready to go.




Once at the game, I took Kait into the tunnel to join her friends from her Daisy troop for the pre-game parade around the field (after getting their special Girl Scouts are NUTS for baseball! shirts). Then we joined Kris and Kourey in their seats behind home plate for the game.
I don’t know if you can call Kaitlyn and Kourey huge fans of baseball. But it is very accurate to say they are huge fans of going to baseball games. They enjoyed the quick play of the game and the entertaining antics the Squirrels team puts on between innings and halves. And they each got to pick out a ballpark treat to share. Kaitlyn picked cotton candy and Kourey picked a funnel cake.

After finding out that kids got to run the bases after the game, the girls looked forward to that for the rest of the game. Kourey missed out at the last game, but with Kaitlyn by her side (and willing to say both of their names into the proffered microphone) she happily ran around the infield tagging the bases.

Keith missed the game for work, but we were able to meet with him after the game for a quick snack. We had thought to go to Krispy Kreme for treats afterwards; we didn’t really think through how reluctant Keith would be to go out in uniform to a donut shop. We appreciate that he humored the girls – who were thrilled to see their hero daddy while he was at work, with his uniform, hanging out with them, and showing off the lights on his car before we headed home.

Kaitlyn didn’t get an autograph from Ryan Cavan (and don’t think she isn’t super bummed; she cried on the way back to the car), but she is eager to head back to the Diamond for some more baseball family fun… and another chance to see her favorite baseball player.

I should note that I know nothing about this Ryan kid. Is he a good role model? Don’t know. Is he a good baseball player? I feel more confident in a yes on that one; he plays second base, batted second in the line up, and routinely makes it on base and was part of the Squirrels’ grand slam. Why does Kaitlyn like him? I’m going to go with the fact that his name is Ryan. Who knows? But she has latched onto him and looks for that number 15 jersey across the field, cares about any play he is part of, and cheers her head off whenever he goes to bat. Ryan Cavan, I hope you make it far in your career. And I hope you are someone a little girl can look up to as her first sports hero without me cringing at your off-field behavior.

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