Kait and the God Rod Squad

Kaitlyn and the Sparks performing “Arise, My Love” with dow rods (“God rods”) led by Pastor Jeff Smith before the Passover Seder at Mount Pleasant.

Let’s unpack that.

Kaitlyn: My daughter. If you don’t know her, this blog is probably largely boring to you, because it’s all about our family.

Sparks: The K-2nd grade level of AWANA, a Bible club sort of program at our church (and many others worldwide). Kait is a Spark, Kourey is a Cubbie, and both of them look forward to this every Wednesday! They learn verse memorization, Bible stories, and have a focus on missions. When I was growing up we had Mission Friends and GAs; while this is different, if fills the same activity slot.

“Arise, My Love”: Ok, they aren’t singing. The song is by Newsong. The kids (and Jeff) are performing with the…

God Rods: This just means dramatic motion using dowel rods, specifically for God’s glory.

Jeff Smith: Our children’s pastor, also head of Salt and Light Ministries, and the choreographer of “Arise, My Love” (and many, many, MANY more dramas and “God Rod” pieces).

Passover Seder at Mount Pleasant: Mount Pleasant is our wonderful church family. We’d love to have you come visit! This week we had Karl de Souza from Jews for Jesus show us the elements of a Passover Seder, and it is amazing to see Christ in the Passover. I have read a few great books on this before, but it was no less amazing to see it unfold in the centuries old Passover meal served at MPBC.

Anyway, Kaitlyn had a fantastic time doing this, and I didn’t even know they had been practicing it on Wednesdays! She did a great job, and has been showing it off at home, too. If you come over, you might convince her to give a performance just for you – I’ll bet it will bring you to tears, or to your feet, or both. It certainly did to us that night!


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