March Madness and Brackets

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Here is my (Katherine’s) picks for the NCAA tournament.

I’m sure you were curious.

  • Midwest was easy (at least who was going on to FF) – Carolina will take it all this year!
  • When it came down to it in the East, I could see Ohio, FSU or Syracuse going to FF, but I think FSU would take Ohio, and I just don’t want UNC to go up against FSU again in the semi-finals.
  • For the South, I don’t really want UK to be the team that goes up against UNC for the final – my pastor will be a little insufferable about it whether his team wins or loses at that point! – but look at the bracket. How does UK not go to FF? And at semis, that brings me to
  • The West, where I had no strong feeling about any team. I ultimately advanced MSU over Mizzou because I wanted to use green for that section to balance the colors of my brackets. It’s true. I not only did that, but I am telling you I did that.

Funny and true, I tried to get Keith to fill out brackets, just for fun, and put both of ours up. He wouldn’t do it, but said that he might just so he could put Duke going all the way and UNC falling in the first round. Okaaaay… “Won’t that make you MAD?” he asked. Why would that make me mad? I would so win! I mean, if we were actually competing. Duke all the way? THIS year? Carolina falling at 64? Just give me the imaginary wreath of laurels now.


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