South River Falls, Dry Run, Hightop Mountain (2/28/12)

South River Falls (4.4 Miles / 1,420 Feet)

The trail to South River Falls is steep and long, but well worth the hike.  The view of the 83 foot falls was beautiful from the observation point, but they were even more impressive at the base.  The trail continued on for almost another mile to get to the base.  Trying to get the perfect picture, I ran out onto the rocks and found another icy rock.  I slid and almost fell in the river (for the second straight hiking trip).

The climb back up was long and difficult.  After eating a smll lunch, I headed out to Dry Run.

Dry Run (5 Miles / 800 Feet)

The Dry Run fire road passes by the Lost Cliffs.  A short climb off trail leads to spectacular views.  Dry Run also contains several waterfalls, all of which are off trail.  The uppermost falls (about 60 feet high) were a third of a mile off trail.  A large tree was down, blocking the middle of the falls.

Hightop Mountain (4.4 Miles / 940 Feet)

The climb up Hightop Mountain was steep and long, but the view was very good.  The temperature fell and the winds picked up on the summit.  A long day of climbing climaxed with a rush down the mountain so I could head home in time for supper.

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