Happy Hundredth Day!

It’s the hundredth day of school this year! Kaitlyn requested a special treat for snack (“I don’t know WHAT, just something SPECIAL!”) to continue the celebration from school. She decided this mini-cone of ice cream fit the bill, and set about figuring out what we had 100 of here at the house.

Pennies? Yes, we have 100 pennies.

Candies? Once she clarified she meant individual M&Ms and Smarties, yes, we have 100 candies.

Macaroni? Not 100 boxes, but surely we have 100 individual elbows.

Books? She mentioned there were the books in the playroom, and maybe with those and the ones downstairs there might be 100. I told her it was closer to 500 in the book locations she mentioned. Her eyes got big and said “Woah. I don’t think we’re having a 500 Day celebration at school this year”.


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