Meine Tochter, die Eule

Kaitlyn: Mom, I know because of how the earth spins around the sun that we are going to bed here, but Anja is waking up soon in Germany!

Kourey: What?! Mom, is Anja NOCTURNAL?!

What I love even more is that after her initial surprise (sitting straight up in bed with a look of pure shock), Kourey quickly added, in her sweet little lisp “What I mean, Mom, is does Anja sleep when when the sun is out, then at night when it is dark does she wake up to look for food and go to the bathroom?”

This wasn’t the first Anja-versation of the day. Earlier, when Keith was trying to get Kourey to guess “Kaitlyn” to answer a question (I can’t remember the question!) while he, Kourey and I were at the lunch table, the conversation went like this:

Keith: I’ll give you a hint: She’s a part of this family, she lives here, but she’s not here right now.

Kourey: Ummmm… Anja! Because my sister is in Germany.

Keith: Ok, true, new hint… AND she’s at [Kait’s School Name] right now.

Kourey: Ohhhhh, Kaitlyn!

It’s true, the girls very much miss their “Deutsch Schwester”. We ALL miss Anja!

Deutsch Schwester


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