Early Veteran’s Day Tales

This Friday is Veteran’s Day, and that means veterans bearing poppies are out in force, trading red blooms for donations.

I gave the girls my cash to give the gentleman in front of our destination, which they happily gave over for a poppy and a brief lesson.

“Will you wear your poppies on Friday for Veteran’s Day?” the man asked. “Do you know what a veteran is? It is a man or woman who served in the military (“Like the Army like Lauren’s dad?” Kaitlyn asked. Yes.)” Full of awe, the girls took their flowers and carefully carried them around, as I affixed my poppy to my coat lapel.

After more than a few minutes spent contemplating her poppy, Kaitlyn happily announced “I didn’t even know the Army HAD veterinarians!”

After we got Kaitlyn straight (I think), we had another poppy instance. In the car on the way home, Kourey plucked her poppy from her jacket, making the head pop off. She quickly disolved into tears. “The man told me to take care of this flower, and I did NOT take care of it! He would be so sad and I can’t wear it on Friday to say thank you to Pop!” (Pop served in the Army in Korea; part of our discussion of Veteran’s Day). I don’t have joy in my kids crying, but I was a little proud – I’ll admit – that she understood at least enough to care about honoring our veterans this Friday and throughout the year.

To our friends and family members who have served in the Armed Forces; to the men and women who served with them; and to the veterans who came before and will come after them… the Dohls say Thank You.


3 responses to “Early Veteran’s Day Tales

  1. Point of Fact: Pop served in the army.

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