Kourey’s First Day of (Play)School!

She’s had the bookbag for months now.

And today she got to use it.

Sure it just had a change of clothes (that I correctly doubted she’d need) and a little snack, but it was a backpack! (Or, in Kourean, “packpack”)

She picked out her outfit carefully the night before. Yes, that’s a school uniform jumper and blouse. No, that is not required. She just thought it looked perfect for school – especially with her cool tights from Aunt Jean.

After taking pictures with Sissy at the door, we headed for Colonial Heights. The playschool that Kourey is going to is done through the day care liscensure program at Colonial Heights High School. That’s why I call it a playschool, although the word preschool would work fine, too. Probably not K-3. Kourey can already read simple words and all that jazz; what she really needs is a way to get used to going away for the day, interacting with other kids, following teacher -led schedule… that sort of stuff… so this is perfect for her.

The students in the program take turns at different aspects of running a children’s program, so we got to talk to three teens as we checked in, paid and got Kourey’s cubby set up.  Kourey spelled her name  for the cubby-creator, which with her little Kour-ean lisp sounds like “Kay-or-you-ahwr-Eee-why”. The little lisp coupled with the admittedly unorthadox spelling of her name meant the cubby-creater paused over the name when Kourey got to the “U”. Kourey waited a second, saw the girl was thinking about it, then said “A ‘U’ looks like… here, I can show you,” and went around to help. The cubby-maker’s classmates  thought this was hilarious; I can’t say they were wrong.

When I picked Kourey up four hours later, she came running out with a princess coloring sheet from the treasure box, and a sheaf of papers about upcoming snacks and event. Fridays are show-and-tell; Kourey is excitedly planning to bring Elefante.


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