One, two, three and… Shall We Dance?

We are officially a two dancer/three discipline family. Kaitlyn and Kourey started dance this Monday.

For Kourey this was the first time she has been in the studio during dance class. She’s done her fair share of waiting room sitting over the past two years of Kaitlyn’s dancing career. She’s talked a LOT to ANYONE who would listen (or at least sit still) about how when she got bigger she would be in Ms. Angel’s ballet/tap class. And now she is!

By a stroke of luck, Kaitlyn’s year one ballet shoes and tappers fit Kourey perfectly. Paired with a brand new leotard (with sparkly heart! and a skirt!) and tights, this made for a very excited 3 year old. After the class was over, and the girls had shown the parents how they could already tap their way across the room (with hands on hips and attitude aplenty), Kourey ran out of the room with eyes gleaming, gushing “That was so, so cool! Can we come back here again some time?”

For Kaitlyn it was the third year -plus one glorious summer – of ballet and tap with Ms. Angel, and a new adventure with jazz joining her dancing line-up. The late addition of this new discipline for her means she didn’t even have jazz boots for the first class (not as easy to find at mass shoe retailers as ballet slippers or tappers!), but that didn’t dampen her spirit.

The late class schedule switchup moved Kaitlyn into not only her favorite (only ever) teacher’s class, and a new discipline, but also into the class with friends from school, and friends she had been dancing with for three years. Kaitlyn is especially excited that being in the jazz/tap/ballet trio class means she will have two numbers at the end of year recital. “We get to dance TWO TIMES! With TWO DRESSES! That I KEEP!” she exulted, multiple times.


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