5 O’Clock Spines?

Kourey: Daddy! Stop kissing me! Your chin spines hurt!

(Grammar geek aside: I had to pull out my old style manual to make sure I had properly capitalized “o’clock” in the title. If the title were longer, I would only have capitalized the C, since “clock” is the noun of the contraction (“of the clock”) and in a title generally only the nouns are capitalized. But when there are four or less words in a title, you generally capitalize the prepositions and whatnot, too. Of course, I could have thrown grammar out of the window because I planned to use the numeral for 5, even though it is a number less than ten, and the first word in the title, to boot! But, as Suzanne Miller can attest, it’s ok to break the rules, as long as you know what rule you’re breaking, and why.)


One response to “5 O’Clock Spines?

  1. Somebody who is not Keith

    You are such a nerd!

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