On the First Day of First Grade…

She woke up to a whisper. She galloped through the rain to the bus with her lunchbox flapping behind (bookbag in my car, because it would have tipped her over with the weight of school supplies; but that’s another story). She had the outfit – leggings with long shirt; apparently the official outfit of First Day for 1st and 2nd grade girls. She had the shoes. She was ready!

Seven hours later she fell of the bus in a breathless river of excitement, gushing forth details of her day, her friends, her teacher, her homework, her bus, her utter and complete LOVE of first grade.

We worked on her week 1 project for about half an hour (well, she worked on that; I tackled the mountain of paperwork for parents that is inevitable at this time of year), after requesite hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Kait’s teacher sent her (and each child, I surmise) home with a little bag of candies and stickers with a note. Kaitlyn and I read the note together and took a picture before the candy (minus red pieces) disappeared into her tummy. I thought this was really sweet, and hope Kaitlyn will remember the wisdom from it.


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