Why Was Keith Late?

So, I finally got the story on WHY Keith didn’t get off until 6 am Sunday morning. I figured it was something in the clubs, and of course it was. But to hold over it has to be bigger than usual. Is Beyonce big enough?

Dealing with all the ruckus, she’s freaking out because she can’t find her cell phone, but she knew it was in the green room somewhere. Keith of course comes up with the simplest, most obvious answer “just call it and look where it’s ringing”.(You would be surprised by how often the simple answer works best; I had several service calls in college where I fixed their network connection by PLUGGING IN their ethernet cable)(Seriously).

Keith didn’t say that Beyonce rolled her eyes, but I would have if I were her. She told him it was on silent.

Keith has an opinion on everything. “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.”

I sincerely doubt he and the other officers started dancing and going “Oh oh oh!” at that point, but in my imagination they did. A la Justin Timberlake on SNL (or Beyonce herself, I guess, but Keith definitely brings Sexy Back, so I’m going with JT).




And if it’s not obvious, this story is a fabrication. I don’t know what exactly made Keith late this week, but I’ve told the same story to Kris (with different settings) about 3 times and every time she says “You met Beyonce!?” before she gets to disbelief.

One response to “Why Was Keith Late?

  1. you are hilarious!!!! You really had me thinking this took place hahahaha I mean Keith is a pretty funny dude, I could totally see that! All though he is probably Mr. serious on the job. I love having you in my life to crack me up! Where do you come up with this??

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