The Problem with Tracking Memorization

So I have 5 goals I am tracking this year:
52 Verses, 100 Blogs, 100 Pictures, 200 Books, 300 Miles.

Miles and books are very easy: Did I read the book? Yes. It counts. Did I run the mile? No. It doesn’t count. Oh, sure, there is some room for interpretation (does the book I read with Bible Study count? I say “why not?” Does a book with only 150 pages count? Ehhhhhh, that’s cutting it close.), but it’s basically pretty clear cut.

Blogs and pictures are only the very slightest bit harder. Does it count as a blog post if it’s just a picture? Does it count towards MY goal if it’s a blog post by Keith? How many pictures from one series can I count towards my 100 without it feeling like cheating?

But Scripture memorization tracking has been the hardest for me. To be honest, one reason is because I am not exactly kicking butt at it. I’m doing better than running, better than TRACKED pictures, but far short of blogs and books. Somewhere close to 30 weeks into the year, my verse tracking page has seven. Pathetic. But if you count all of the verses within the passages I’ve memorized, it totals 19. Does that count for anything? It’s my tracking, so I guess that’s up to me, but I don’t think it should count as 19 towards my total of 52.

But a bigger challenge for me is: when do I say I have it memorized? Memorized is really moving into long-term memory, verses being able to quote it in the short-term. It goes against the idea of tracking the challenge.

I also struggle with what counts as memorized verse that counts (circular, huh?). I can recite back most of Kaitlyn’s AWANA verses, but “Paul preached the Word of the Lord” seems kind of… like it shouldn’t count. How do I apply that? Even other verses seem like I need more context with them. But while I love passages from the Bible, they are more taxing on the old noodle to memorize.

Do verses that I seem to have already basically memorized but have honed and can now tell you the … call number? Bible address? I always forget what that is called…. reference! That’s it. Should that count?


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