Big Apple Adventure: Crazy Hat Day

Kourey and Kaitlyn with their “Crazy Hats” on the last day of VBS today.

Kaitlyn’s hat is a Dollar Tree chip and dip tray with tea bags glued around the rim, a band of elastic glued in to hold it on, and on the top and front “T-E-A” and “I ❤ VBS” is spelled out in hot glue with loose tea sprinkled on like glitter. It smelled tea-riffic, too 🙂 By the way, Kaitlyn designed this hat. Mommy simply worked the hot glue gun.

Kourey’s hat is a simple pirate’s hat from Dollar Tree, with a band of elastic glued in to keep it on. She says she is “hunting for buried treasure – BOOYAH!” Not pictured is Mommy in her Dollar Tree dinosaur-head hat.Tonight is the closing ceremony for VBS. If the offerings for the week – to go to a church plant in New York City called Gallery Church – topped $1000, Pastor Curtis is taking a pie to the face. This was Kourey’s offering envelope as she brought in a donation from Auntie Kris. Both girls are looking forward to seeing the pastor get smashed with a big, messy pie tonight!


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