No More Nursery

The walls are still pale green with wainscoting and zoo border. The appliqued animals are still on the wall, as are the cross-stitched baby announcements.

But it’s not a nursery.

It’s not even Kourey’s bedroom.

Kourey’s Tinkerbell bed has been moved into the room at the end of the hall (previously “Kaitlyn’s room”; now “the girls’ bedroom”). Twin beds are waiting to be painted and installed in the room for the girls.

So what’s in T.R.F.K.A.T.N.? (The Room Formerly Known As The Nursery, pronounced “turf-CAT-en”)(until the next sentence when the term will become obsolete) It is now The Playroom.

The changing table’s baskets have been emptied of toiletries and filled with assorted toys. The bookcases are filled. There is a small TV, tons of stuffed friends, rocking chairs, a play kitchen, rocking horse, play washer/dryer, chalkboard & magnets easel… not new toys, just a new arrangement.

And the girls are LOVING it. Sharing a bedroom, having a playroom, having some playtime independence; it’s all good in their books.


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