New Uses for Footwear

Monday night I was out with some ladies at Sweet Monday, so Keith had the job of getting the girls ready for bed (easy) and to go to sleep (not so easy).

He shared with me what happened on one of his trips “up the stairs”. He heard feet padding, and knew trouble was afoot. He crept stealthly to the top of the stairs to find… Kaitlyn filling a church shoe with water.

Needless to say, he was both angry and confused. What possesses a child to fill a SHOE with WATER? “Because you can” seems to be the main reason our kids have come up with, most of the time.

“Kaitlyn!” I can just hear him as he recounts the story, one false move from bellowing at the child that is treading on his last nerve, “what are you doing?! Why are you filling your SHOE with WATER?!” Maybe five seconds from blowing a gasket now. Nothing is going to stop the steam coming out of his ears, and even escaping a loud “talking to” is unlikely.

“Daddy,” Kaitlyn worriedly and somewhat sadly says, “I was just so thirsty, and I didn’t have a cup.”

Well. There’s not much you can say to that except “I’ll go get you a cup,” so that’s what Keith said. It probably took him a while to make it back upstairs, as he likely disolved into peals of laughter as soon as out of earshot. I know I would have.

Thirsty or not, I don’t think Kaitlyn will be pulling that stunt again, though. We reviewed how to use your hand to get a sip of water from the sink, and the “sink as a water fountain” head maneuver, just in case.


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