Destination, Direction and Progress ~ Colossians 1:21-2:7

Paul tells the Colossians to continue to walk in Christ (2:6-7).  His message to the Colossians is important to us today.

There are three components to walking: destination, direction and progressWe, as Christians, all have the same destination in our walk: being like Christ.  Without our new bodies in Christ, we cannot ultimately achieve complete Christ-likeness but we can become more like Christ.

We need to focus on our direction and progress.  Our direction indicates whether we are becoming more like Christ or sliding further away and becoming more like the world.  Our progress tells us how quickly we are going in either direction.

We will never get closer to our destination if we are going the wrong direction.  Direction involves motivation.  Do we really want to be like Christ?  Or do we want to blend in with the world?

Likewise, we will never significantly get closer to our destination if we don’t take real steps (progress).  We need to make an effort to become more like Christ if we want to make any significant progress.  This involves perseverance.  Are we willing to continue making those steps when the path gets hard?  Do we want to give up?

How do we walk in Christ (2:6-7)?  How do we abide in Him (John 15:1-17)?  Attempting to hammer in a nail with a screwdriver does not work very well.  A hammer is needed to do the job quickly and easily.  Likewise, the right tool (or instruction manual) is needed to walk in Christ.  The Bible is that tool.  We need to read and study it.  But don’t forget, walking in Christ involves a personal relationship with Him.  We need to talk to Him in prayer too.  Lastly, we need to put into practice the instructions and commands that Christ has given us.

Trust in Christ, love others, have confidence in your future in Christ and we will bear fruit [See follow up from Col 1:3-20].

Pastor Curtis started a new message series about the best question ever.  He stated that making a wise decision involves making a decision that Christ would make.  Basically, “What would Jesus do?”  Walk closer with him, abide in Him, and you can find out what Jesus would do.

God Bless



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